After news broke late this week that an arrest warrant was out for Lindsay Lohan's father -- who allegedly owes money in a Montana paternity suit -- Michael Lohan turned to PopEater's Naughty but Nice columnist Rob Shuter to respond:

"That's a woman in Montana [who] had a hearing againt me, claiming that she has my kid," explains Lohan. "I was on parole, and was not allowed to leave New York. So the judge in Motana held me in default, and ordered me to pay child support."

Lohan adds, "I asked for three patermity tests, and even Maury Povich asked her to do one with me, but she refused all three. I went to court in New York, and they basically extorted me: Pay and admit you are in default, or go to jail. The magistrate said even if I have a hearing, she will rule against me. How illegal is that."

"Anyway, I paid the first month," he continues, "and the second I was late on, because of election day [Nov. 2]. But I did send it, and I have receipts. So because I was a couple of days late, they issued a warrant. How sick."