Staying put in Vancouver, Randy Quaid and his wife Evi have forfeited $500,000 in bail -- each -- by skipping their court date in California this week. They were due for a hearing in a vandalism case in which they're also accused of squatting on a Santa Barbara property they used to own.

Meanwhile, in his first TV interview, Friday on CBS' 'Early Show,' Quaid (appearing via satellite from Canada) said certain enemies in Hollywood are the real threat to his finances.

And he believes the deaths of "friends who have died mysteriously," like Heath Ledger and David Carradine, prove that "star whackers" are intent on targeting celebrities for embezzlement, and worse. Quaid claims he's been "racketeered on" by shady associates who have pilfered his earnings.

But 'Early Show' co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez pressed the actor to explain: Why did he and Evi fail to appear in court on Nov. 2 to hear charges in their California case? Quaid essentially denied that he was required to appear, and said his wife wouldn't go alone and leave him north of the border ("we're a very close couple").

Santa Barbara Deputy District Attorney Anthony Davis, however, says he saw the CBS interview. He has just told RadarOnline "there was actually nothing precluding Mr. Quaid from attending court...that was his choice," adding that the judge has ordered the Quaids back in court to continue the case on Nov. 16.