Russell SimmonsWalking into Russell Simmons' corporate headquarters, there is an air of intimidation as the massive "Russell Simmons Argyleculture" plaque stares back at me. Buzzed into the office, I patiently sit in the waiting area while a burly bouncer eyes me. I'm then escorted through two more security-locked doors before I meet the hip-hop mogul.

As his assistant guides me to the "oval office," Simmons is hard at work -- or at least playing it up. "Send flowers to Kim Kardashian and Diddy," Simmons commands into the phone. The gesture is to thank the stars for tweeting about his new reality show on Oxygen, 'Running Russell Simmons.'

"Hold up. Should I send Kim flowers? I just sent her a s**tload for her birthday. She is going to think I have a crush on her," he laments to everyone within earshot. After short consideration, he decides to send a bouquet to the buxom reality star anyway.

His assistants scurry around the office, each on a mission: setting up interviews, picking up samples, planning his charity events. The list is endless for the mogul, who is chairman and CEO of Rush Communications and the co-founder (with Rick Rubin) of the pioneering hip-hop label Def Jam. Yet, despite everything happening around him, Simmons maintains a zen-like quality that manages to keep his inner office surprisingly tranquil ... at least for a few seconds.

"I need a shot," Simmons says, directing me -- a journalist set to interview him -- to his fridge, which he has stocked with wheat grass shots and Organic Avenue juice. Did he mistake me for a new intern? He downs the healthy shot and tells me he needs a ginger shot as well. Of course, I pick the wrong one (Doh!), and he lets me know. He still offers a very sincere "Thank you," as he clutches his yogi beads.

Finally, he is ready to begin the interview.

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