'Conan' on TBS Dramatizes NBC OustingConan O'Brien made his long-awaited return to late night yesterday, debuting 'Conan' on TBS with guests Seth Rogen, 'Glee' starlet Lea Michele and White Stripes guitar virtuoso Jack White. The guests had a tough act to follow, however, after a short clip dramatized Coco's departure from NBC as a type of 'Godfather'-esque hit.

Gunned down by machine gun-toting gangsters after refusing to move 'The Tonight Show' to 12:05AM, O'Brien finds himself hospitalized in a body cast. "The good news is, you'll live," a doc said. "The bad news is, you'll never work in network television again."

Without a late night show, Conan goes on to work at Burger King and interview with Jon Hamm in character as Don Draper from 'Mad Men.' "You have no absolutely advertising experience," Hamm-as-Draper seethes. "Plus, it's 1965. You're two years old. Get out of my office."

Larry King then appears as O'Brien's guardian angel, saving the day with two words: Basic. Cable. See the opening clip: