Lil Wayne Banned From the Wynn and Other Unwelcome StarsWhat happens in Vegas stays in Vegas -- unless you're Lil Wayne, that is.

The rapper, who was recently released after an 8-month stint in Rikers Island, found out that he was banned from the Wynn Hotel -- the destination for a post-performance party -- because the hotel didn't want Wayne to get in trouble on the premises.

TMZ reports that after a set with Weezy at the Hard Rock Hotel, fellow Young Money member Drake was informed that Wayne, who is prohibited from consuming alcohol for the next 3 years, wasn't welcome at the Wynn. Wayne took the party elsewhere, opting to hang out at the Palms instead.

Wayne isn't the only celeb who's not welcome at the swanky hotel -- Paris Hilton was banned from the Wynn in September, following her arrest. Check out our list of other banned celebs after the jump!