Oksana Says Mel Gibson Cheated With Multiple WomenOksana Grigorieva is now saying Mel Gibson cheated on her with numerous women during their time together, according to TMZ. Oksana is seeking the other women in hopes of proving Mel's history of violence, striving to prove the actor is too violent to be around their 1-year-old daughter, Lucia.

Grigorieva's lawyer, Dan Horowitz, tells TMZ an investigator has been hired to track down no less than four women Oksana believes Mel cheated with. Oksana wants at least one to admit to seeing a violent side in Mel.

The two are embroiled in a difficult custody case, and Gibson currently has full visitation rights. The former lovers met face-to-face in a deposition last week for the first time since Mel's explosive rants against Oksana leaked online over the summer.