Bret Michaels recently denied having an affair with Miley Cyrus' mother, Tish.

"I've been friends with her family forever," Michaels explained on 'Fox & Friends'. "It started out with me and Miley simply working on a song together. Her mom, Tish, likes 'Every Rose Has Its Thorn,' the first concert Miley ever saw was Poison, and so they wanted to remake it for the new record."

During his visit to PopEater, we asked the rocker if hurtful rumors ever stop him from enjoying his fame.

"You have to develop nerves of steel," he tells us of being in show business. "It doesn't mean you have to like it. Rumors come up, rumors go away. If it's the truth, I'll address it and say, 'Look, it was me, I was stupid.'"

"If something comes up -- and I use the example of the Tish thing -- completely false, but it's juicy. Most times people say you're supposed to be innocent, but most people assume you're guilty," he adds.

Watch part one of our interview with Bret inside and come back for part two, where we chat about his tour, his family life and his work with the American Diabetes Association.