Does Kanye West's 'Dark Fantasy' Make Him Untouchable?Pop-Ed: You can't script the kind of year Kanye West is having. Ever since re-emerging onto the scene after his famous Taylor Swift moment, the MC rolled with the punches and campaigned his way back to the summit with one prize on his mind--the album that would change his career forever. That album became known as 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,' the missing piece that people say would change everything, make people forget what he had said and done in the past, while also fundamentally flipping the 2010 music landscape.

We've grown to learn Kanye was going to forever be Kanye, and that calling him 'controversial' is hopelessly redundant, but no one knew if the mythically-hyped album would measure up. After an early leak and all-around fist-pumping reviews, all signs point to: "Absolutely." It's more than possible that not only has Kanye finally completed his storied comeback but also the album of the year -- thus solidifying his role as one of music's greatest anti-heroes. If Kanye's masterpiece wins over the public after the album officially drops on Nov. 22, does his new artist credibility make him invincible?