Kanye West Cancels 'Today' Show for 'Obvious Reasons'In today's least surprising news, Kanye West won't be returning to the 'Today' show, no matter what Matt Lauer says.

Yesterday Lauer stood by an increasingly notorious interview that grievously upset West, saying there was nothing "improper" or "unusual" about the segment. Lauer closed on a conciliatory note, saying, "We look forward to Kanye's return for a special live concert on the plaza on Friday, Nov. 26."

Not so, blasts Kanye over Twitter. "I'm not performing on the Today Show for obvious reasons," he wrote, adding, "I blatantly said I'm not performing on a tweet and to everyone around me and the next day they still announced a performance."

During the segment that pushed West to say he was finished doing press, an affronted 'Ye said, "Please don't let that happen again, it's like ridiculous," after archival footage played while he was speaking. Now, Kanye has clarified that he doesn't hate Matt Lauer. More after the jump.