Bust of the Day: The National EnquirerMiley Cyrus has been called a number of things in her short career, but homewrecker hasn't been one of them -- until now.

The National Enquirer is defying both parenting wisdom and good taste by claiming that it was Miley who caused her parents' split, Gossip Cop reports.

The Enquirer's story claims that Miley's father, Billy Ray, became irate when, after grounding his daughter for talking back, he found that his wife, TIsh, had given her permission to go out. Billy Ray allegedly then called his wife a "b**ch" and tried to force her out of the bedroom, where she had been hiding.

This outlandish story claims that Billy was so incensed by the behavior of his wife and daughter that he immediately filed for divorce following the fight.

The craziest part about the story? It never happened, according to Miley's rep, who told Gossip Cop that the entire Enquirer piece is "not true."