Molly and RobWhen super couple Fergie and Josh Duhamel go on a dinner date, guess who picks up the check? The couple's friend, Molly Sims, the Sports Illustrated model and 'Las Vegas' beauty, stops by my new HDNet show, 'Naughty But Nice With Rob,' this weekend with all your Fergie and Josh scoop, plus she reveals how much money she and her fellow swimsuit babes (like Tyra and Heidi) were actually paid back when they graced the most coveted issue of Sports Illustrated.

"Everyone makes about $300 for a week's work," Molly tells me. "Basically you are paying them to be on the cover." However, it does change a girl's career, so it might be the most important $300 Molly ever earned. And the answer to the Josh and Fergie question about who foots the bill: Fergie. "He's cheaper than she is, for sure," Molly reveals.