Meet the Brilliant Belgians Behind 'The Social Network' Trailer Choir, Scala & Kolacny BrothersSteven and Stijn Kolacny were just a couple of Belgians doing a cool thing -- namely, arranging, recording and performing a mix of original songs and pop and rock covers with their 238-member girls' choir, Scala & Kolacny Brothers.

Then David Fincher tapped Scala's take on Radiohead's 'Creep' for 'The Social Network' trailer and, a few million enthusiastic YouTube streams later, things changed a little. Billboard reported the choir had landed an American record deal after their haunting tune helped shoot the clip into viral legend. (Face it -- best movie trailer of 2010, and the song is a huge reason why.)

"Mostly you never have a trailer with two minutes and 30 seconds of music; it was almost like a video clip for us," says Steven Kolacny, 41, the group's arranger, composer and pianist. "It was like asking David Fincher to make a clip for Scala. It was astonishing."

Conductor brother Stijn, 35, says: "I think it's incredible for us on the Internet -- it attracts all kinds of people, of course to the movie, but also to our music." Read our exclusive Q&A after the jump.