Disney Channel executives have devised a solution to a major programming dilemma: How do you produce new episodes of Demi Lovato's show, without Demi?

The 18-year-old's recent retreat from the spotlight to enter rehab for "emotional and physical issues" seemed to put her series 'Sonny with a Chance' on hold indefinitely -- just as it was gearing up to resume production in mid-January for a third season.

Now, Variety is reporting that the network plans to stay on schedule, but rewrite scripts around guest stars and other characters in the ensemble, even though the show's first two seasons centered on the Sonny Monroe character, and the series (which premiered in February 2009) is a Demi Lovato vehicle.

The revamps in the writing will bring more focus to the show-within-the-show, 'So Random!', according to People.com.