Heidi Klum is a woman of her word! At the Los Angeles premiere of the ballet-themed Natalie Portman film 'Black Swan,' designer Mondo Guerra's swan song creation -- a hotly debated polka-dot maxi-dress that he sent down the catwalk in the season 8 finale of 'Project Runway' -- stole the show on the red carpet.

Heidi Klum, 37, slithered into Guerra's black and white design for the event at Grauman's Chinese Theater, and she was all smiles while flaunting the sexy open back and revised (now sleeveless) silhouette.

In the October season finale episode of 'Runway,' Klum was adamant about loving the flamboyant design and wanting to wear it. Her opinion was shared by Jessica Simpson, guest judge for the Fashion Week episode, who said she was "obsessed" with Mondo's dots.

Eventually, the panel came to a consensus as the two other judges, fashion insiders Michael Kors and Nina Garcia (who called Guerra's line "overwhelming") leaned toward championing the subtler collection of Gretchen Jones, a Portland designer with a much earthier style.

Mondo may be having the last laugh now. "As I was packing to come back to Denver my cell phone rang and a bright, cheery, 'Hello' greeted me, with a German accent," he tells People.com. "I wasn't sure who it was, but the next thing I knew, the voice on the other end was asking me, 'Do you have my dress?'"