Meet GQ's Men of the Year: Colbert, Franco, Bridges and DrakeThat time of year is upon us -- GQ's Men of the Year time. Leading the esteemed pack of gentlemen are:

Jeff Bridges, 60, who won his first Oscar this year and went on to sit for the best photograph of his career (pictured at right).

Stephen Colbert, 46, the still-hilarious Comedy Central host who led the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear along with Jon Stewart in October.

Drake, 24, the Canadian rapper and former 'Degrassi' actor whose star blew up this year in a manner we can only describe as Bieberesque. Also, BFFs with Lil Wayne.

James Franco, 32, who, despite a penchant for being weird, still does a mean James Dean impression and pulls off resoundingly terrific work on the silver screen.