Matt LeBlanc Returns to TV in 'Episodes' Matt LeBlanc is returning to television with a new project that will make the role he's best known for -- lovable idiot Joey Tribbiani -- a thing of the past,.

The former 'Friends' star heads up the cast for the Showtime/BCC collaboration 'Episodes,' in which the actor plays himself.

The show centers on LeBlanc's return to the small screen as an actor on an adaptation of a hit British TV show, despite the initial reservations of the show's creators.

LeBlanc brings his self-referential humor to the role, telling the creator of his fictional series, "I need this to be a hit -- at least something they can't make fun of on a talk show."

The comedy, co-written by 'Friends' co-creator David Crane and Jeffrey Klarik, premieres in January.

See the 'Episodes' trailer after the jump!