Pop-Ed: Am I the only one ready to call out the British press as a big bunch of underminers this week. Yes they put on the veneer of being ecstatic over the news that Kate Middleton and Prince William are finally (FINALLY) engaged and yes, they couldn't be more excited for the royal nuptials, which are already being compared to the wedding between William's father and the much beloved Princess Diana.

Yet at the same time, they seem to find the need to cut Kate down just a wee notch.

The British press has been keen to point out that Kate is what they like to call "a commoner".

See headlines like The Guardian's: "How 'commoner' Kate Middleton won Prince William's heart"

Commoner means not royal. We get that. Kate will be the first non-royal to marry a prince so close to the throne since the 17th century. But doesn't it just sounds so nasty? It makes it seem as though William found her on the streets, pick pocketing the non-commoners and singing for her supper whilst wearing rags and ill-fitting dungarees.

In commoner speak, the word commoner equates to: "God she's average", "She's just OK" or "Eh she'll do."