Steve-O is perhaps best known for the extreme stunts he's performed over the years as part of the 'Jackass' crew, which have included stapling his scrotum to his thigh and lighting his head on fire. But the performer, who can currently be seen in the big screen hit 'Jackass 3D' and will be appearing at Caroline's on Broadway from Nov. 24-28, is nothing like his onscreen persona. Instead, he's thoughtful, honest and surprisingly sweet. Steve-O recently took a little time to talk to PopEater about his newfound sobriety and the "dark places" he visited as an addict.

"Initially, my thinking was, 'I'm Steve O! I'm in the position where I can do a lot of good in the world. If I turn my life around I can lead by example,'" Steve-O -- whose real name is Stephen Glover -- told PopEater. "I had a crazy idea that I was going to be doing the rest of the world a big favor if I got clean and sober. That's what gave me the willingness to go to rehab.