Christina PerriChristina Perri's latest release, 'Black and Blue,' is an emotional, bluesy song that gets right to the point with its first line, "I've been meaning to say this to you: My heart isn't black and blue anymore." Much like her first single, 'Jar of Hearts' -- which propelled Perri's career with a placement on 'So You Think You Can Dance' over the summer -- it's a tune that comes from a personal experience.

"The song is pretty intense. It's about getting over a breakup -- not really feeling sad anymore, but just feeling kind of pissed," Perri tells PopEater. "It's definitely about a single experience and a single person. That's pretty much how I write all my songs ... That song's totally about a dude."

The video for 'Black and Blue' was filmed at Ocean Way Studios, where Perri also recorded her new EP, 'The Ocean Way Sessions.'