Video: First Look at 'Cowboys and Aliens''Cowboys & Aliens', the highly anticipated 2011 summer movie, finally has a teaser -- and it delivers the goods.

Jon Favreau's first directorial foray after the 'Iron Man' movies is a classic western with a big difference ... aliens. While the concept may seem like a gimmick or even a potential comedy, Favreau has not taken any one of those routes.

Favreau's trailer teases us with footage primarily from the first act of the film, making sure he doesn't give too much away right off the bat. Even the poster does not reveal much, with just the back view of Daniel Craig in his Western get-up, with a strange device on his wrist.

Featuring an all-star cast -- Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde, Sam Rockwell, Paul Dano -- the film looks to feel very much like one of those old, stranger-with-no-name Westerns, just with an alien attack thrown in to make things that much more interesting.

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