Up until a couple of weeks ago, it was perfectly acceptable to hate Gwyneth Paltrow. Now, that may seem like a pretty rough statement to make, and we suppose it is, but admit it – for a while there, you found her pretty unbearable too. So insufferable was she that The Onion, that bastion of satire, dedicated an entire fake news segment to mocking the Oscar-winning actress, claiming buzz for her summer film 'Iron Man 2' had reached a fever pitch after news leaked that she would be punched in the face onscreen.

"This is a woman who names her kids Apple and Moses and pretends she's friends with Jay-Z," faux analyst Bree Lindsay reported. "Whether it's true or not, just the idea of seeing her get badly hurt has captured moviegoer's imaginations."

Funnily enough, punching Paltrow – well, her character, Holly Holliday – in the face was a major plot point on this week's 'Glee.' The punch served as her character's wake-up call. Suddenly, the actress seemed in on the joke and able to laugh at herself – two things no one ever thought her capable of. It's hard not to respect (maybe even adore) a public figure who can take a figurative slap with a wink and a smile.