'Jersey Shore' Star Angelina Drops Lyrical Assault Move over, Pauly D!

'Jersey Shore' troublemaker Angelina Pivarnick is the latest cast member to try her hand at the music industry.

The self-proclaimed "Kim Kardashian of Staten Island" has released her first single, the modestly titled 'I'm Hot,' an ode to excess and the wonders of the rhyming dictionary.

The track, on which Pivarnick raps (yes, you read that right), contains such lyrical gems as "I came to play/I'm here to stay/Now do it my way every day" and "I take a shot/It hits the spot/Then dance a lot/Until I drop/I shop and shop/I just can't stop/I even hopped a cop/I popped his crop."

While some might call the lyrics "childish" or "total gibberish," we have to commend Pivarnick for the lengths she's taken to be considered a serious artist, including all the fighting and drinking she did as research.

Listen to the single, courtesy of our friends at HollywoodLife after the jump!