Kate Walsh -- Defining Moments

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Kate Walsh

California native Kate Walsh never knew how her future would change when she got the call to appear on 'Grey's Anatomy' in 2005 as Dr. Addison Montgomery. "I had become lucky to be a pretty consistently working actor, but then it all changed with 'Grey's' obviously in a great way," Walsh tells PopEater. "I was doing other shows and doing a pilot every year and a series here or there and then they wouldn't go and wouldn't get picked up."

"I was supposed to just do a few episodes of 'Grey's' and then shot another pilot -- a half hour comedy for ABC -- and that didn't go. But then I got the call back to be the series regular on 'Grey's and then of course ['Private Practice']. It's been quite a ride. It changed everything in my life."

I got the call back to be the series regular on 'Grey's.' It's been quite a ride. It changed everything in my life.

"I got a lot busier on 'Private Practice' than I was on 'Grey's.' And in a sense, while the same character, it was a different show with new writers and cast. It was like a do-over. I would never guess that a guest spot would turn into my own show," Walsh recalls.

Now, she is heading into a new line of work as creator of the fragrance 'Boyfriend,' inspired by an old flame.

"I was in New York several years ago and I my boyfriend and I split up and I missed his fragrance ... I missed his cologne. I felt mildly embarrassed, but I was at a store and said 'I don't care,  I'm going to get a men's scent. I want a dab of Boyfriend.' And I said 'Oh my God, wouldn't that be a great idea for a fragrance.' I know so many women who wear men's fragrances anyway."

"The idea wouldn't go away. I was haunted by it," she says.

Walsh has decided to run her own product rather than strike a licensing deal. "I didn't just want to do another celebrity fragrance," she says. "I have a company now. It takes a giant village of people helping me out. It's been an incredible journey."

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