She's working on her sobriety at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, Calif., but will Lindsay Lohan be working in Hollywood when she leaves rehab?

If she is, it won't be on the biopic 'Inferno.' Lohan is no longer in the cast, according to director Matthew Wilder, despite his previous willingness to accommodate his fallen star (who famously visited Cannes to promote the film) and keep her on what he once called "our movie."

The 'Inferno' director now tells E! that his team is moving on: "We are currently in negotiations [with another actress] and working out the legalities of bringing her onboard...We have stuck by Lindsay very patiently for a long time with a lot of love and support...Ultimately, the impossibility of insuring her, and some other issues, have made it impossible for us to go forward."

Lohan, 24, was cast in the heavy-hitting role of troubled '70s porn star Linda Lovelace in 'Inferno' before she flamed out in her personal life by flunking a drug test in September, resulting in court-ordered rehab (where she's required to remain until Jan. 3). And fans know the actress, whose need for income was recently documented in court records, was counting on the movie to relaunch her shakier-than-ever career; she hasn't starred in a feature since 2007's 'I Know Who Killed Me.'