Know what's pretty cool? A new 'Miley Cyrus Show' sketch, starring cast newcomer Vanessa Bayer as the Disney darling, stole the show again (check out the first clip if you missed it) on 'Saturday Night Live' this weekend.

This time, the faux talk show features an interview segment with sleekly styled Katie Holmes, impersonated to a T with an intense-yet-vapid breathlessness by 'SNL' host Anne Hathaway.

Miley leads with the observation that 'Dawson's Creek' was Holmes' breakout role "back in the 1900's," then she peppers Katie with a strident string of questions about Tom, Suri, Scientology and Jesus. And Batman.

But first, get ready for Miley Cyrus -- with her dim Dad and sidekick, Billy Ray (Jason Sudeikis) -- to attempt ventriloquism and trot out hilarious photos that capture the teen's racy new image. "As you've probably heard, I'm sexy now!" she crows.