Required to remain in rehab until January for court-ordered substance-abuse treatment, Lindsay Lohan has parted ways professionally with 'Inferno' director Matthew Wilder, who championed the actress in recent weeks but found it "impossible" to move forward on his already delayed production schedule with her as his leading lady.

Now comes word that filming will begin with a new star, Malin Akerman, playing the role of Linda Lovelace. Wilder's biopic is based on the late porn star's autobiography, published in the '80s after Lovelace denounced her 'Deep Throat' stardom, claiming she was coerced into pornography at gunpoint by a cruel husband.

Akerman, 32 and a native of Sweden, played Vince Vaughn's wife in the comedy 'Couples Retreat,' and sizzled as Laurie Jupiter / Silk Spectre II in 'Watchmen.' She'll soon be seen with Jennifer Aniston in Judd Apatow's 2011 film 'Wanderlust.'