In the latest chapter of the Mel Gibson-Oksana Grigorieva saga, it seems the Oscar winner remains adamant about removing his 1-year-old daughter Lucia from the custody of her mother. And he reportedly intends to stand up in L.A. County Superior Court tomorrow to pursue his mission.

Grigorieva's recent CNN interview with Larry King has infuriated Gibson, according to TMZ. The new report says the 54-year-old father of eight wants the judge in the couple's custody battle (who had warned Grigorieva not to talk to the media) to respond. On Monday he hopes to show the court how serious he is about stripping his ex of her rights when he appears before the bench in person seeking full custody.

For the next six months, Gibson allegedly wants Grigorieva to have only supervised visits with no overnight visitation, on the grounds that her recent behavior "smacks of instability."