Capri Anderson
Capri Anderson began making her media rounds this morning on 'Good Morning America' to tell her side of her wild evening spent with Charlie Sheen in the Plaza Hotel, where he allegedly trashed his suite during a cocaine binge. In an interview with both 'GMA' and ABC's 'Nightline,' Anderson recalls Sheen yelling racial slurs, putting his hands on her neck and throwing a lamp across the room at her.

Body language expert Patti Wood has dissected the interview Anderson gave this morning, and she believes that the former porn actress is absolutely telling the truth, according to her subconscious cues, but doesn't believe that Anderson was nearly as offended by Sheen's behavior as she purports to be. In fact, Wood thinks that a lot of what happened in the hotel room that night was pretty run of the mill to this girl. "She is telling the truth about what Sheen did," Wood said. "But she is not being totally honest when she infers how horrible it was for her."