Fellow NYC 'Housewife' Says 'Bethenny' Is Serious About 'Skating With the Stars'
Naughty But Nice with Rob ShuterFollowing 'Dancing With the Stars' Monday night, ABC debuted 'Skating With the Stars,' a similar competition, except the celebrities have razor-sharp steel blades strapped to their feet! What could possibility go wrong?

Unfortunately, the celebrities on 'Dancing With the Stars' are more famous than their ice skating counterparts, with the exception of the unsinkable 'Real Housewife' of New York, Bethenny Frankel.

"Knowing Bethenny, she's in it to win it," fellow 'Real Housewife' Alex McCord told me last night over dinner in Manhattan. "Bethenny wouldn't have agreed to do it if she didn't think she could win."

Which is something anyone who has ever met Bethenny would be able to confirm.