Preventing bullying against gays and lesbians is more important than ever, says the NOH8 campaign in a newly-released statement, especially after what they cite as a flip flop by Cindy McCain on the Don't Ask Don't Tell (DADT) policy.

McCain began appearing in an anti-bullying PSA for the NOH8 Campaign on Nov. 10, saying, "Our political and religious leaders tell LGBT youth that they have no future ... They can't serve our country openly ... Our government treats the LGBT community like second-class citizens, why shouldn't [the bullies]?"

In NOH8's new video (posted below), celebrities including McCain, Gene Simmons, Denise Richards, Dave Navarro, Dr. Drew and Slash, speak out against anti-gay bullying and give sobering statistics about how anti-gay bullying has led to an epidemic of LGBT teen suicides.

But despite her strong words in the PSA, on Nov. 12 McCain tweeted: "I fully support the NOH8 campaign and all it stands for and am proud to be a part of it. But I stand by my husband's stance on DADT."

Her husband, senator John McCain of Arizona, led the GOP filibuster that prevented Congress from voting on a repeal of DADT, which prevents LGBT enlistees from serving openly.

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