Who: Jessie J
Video: 'Do It Like a Dude'
Hail From: London, England
For Fans Of: Pink, Rihanna

Why She's About to Pop: Fierce, raw, and rocking a jet black bob and gold chains, Jessie J comes across harder than the No. 1 hit she helped pen for Miley Cyrus. With her explicit song, 'Do It Like a Dude,' and its video, she's kicking gender expectations' butt with her six-inch heels.

The daughter of a nursery school teacher and a social worker, Jessie J started writing songs at 17 and her 'Big White Room' song quickly became a hit on YouTube. She's toured with Macy Gray, Girls Aloud, Chris Brown, Cyndi Lauper and Taio Cruz. Now, the young singer with a booming, Motown-ready voice is preparing to release her debut LP, 'Who You Are,' in early 2011. PopEater caught up with Jessie J to chat about song writing, industry survival skills and catsuits.