'Ugly Betty' Actor Suspected of Murdering Mother With Samurai SwordMichael Brea, a 31-year-old actor seen in minor parts on 'Ugly Betty' and 'Step Up: 3D,' allegedly stabbed his mother to death with a samurai sword in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Prospect Heights on Tuesday morning, police tell local TV station NY1.

Neighbors heard Brea yelling what they believed to be biblical passages and repeating the word "repent" during an argument in the night. Michael's Haitian mother, Yannick Brea, 55, was later found dead with multiple stab wounds. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly told NY1 that Brea was holding a Bible when police entered the apartment.

"I would say he was a down-to-earth, cool, hard working person," a neighbor told NY1. "I couldn't see this coming at all."

Police say the scene was "extremely bloody," according to TMZ. The same site claims Brea decapitated his mother and that police used a taser to subdue Brea when they arrived at the scene at around 2:20AM. These claims have not been verified by other sources.

The A.V. Club casts doubt on Brea's status as a professional actor -- he doesn't, after all, have an IMDb page -- justifying skepticism by "a complete lack of supporting Internet evidence." Other outlets are referring to Brea as an "aspiring actor." ABC tells E! Online Brea's involvement with 'Ugly Betty' was merely as "a guy in the background on one episode."