Mario Lopez -- Defining Moments

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Mario Lopez

Extra host Mario Lopez found his defining moment far from the glitz of Hollywood. "Growing up, probably the time I joined the Boys Club. The neighborhood I grew up in wasn't the most upscale neighborhood with a lot of potential to get in trouble," says the star who first became a household name to a generation playing heartthrob A.C. Slater on 'Saved by the Bell.' "Joining helped me stay on the right track and introduce me to a lot of great people and mentors that are still important to this day. It exposed me to wrestling which is still a major part of my life. It was just an atmosphere that was conducive to prospering to whatever you wanted to get involved in because they had people who really cared about kids and that's why they are important to my life today and why I'm a big part of the organization." Get More on the Boys and Girls Club of America

Joining [the Boys Club] helped me stay on the right track and introduce me to a lot of great people and mentors that are still important to this day.

Lopez also found inspiration even closer to home. "I think growing up you have moments in your life that can really shape the way your life is going to be from that point onward and moments that are going to determine the type of individual you are really going to become and aside from joining the Boys Club -- which really helped because I was a hyper kid and got in a lot of trouble and it helped me stay on the right track -- I think a lot of the talks that my mother and I had. I'm a proud momma's boy and she painted a clear picture of what was right and what was wrong and being a man that could be held accountable for his actions."

So does Mario consider himself an actor, a reality star or TV host? "I have fun doing all forms of entertainment," Lopez tells us. "That's why I never wanted to limit myself or be pigeonholed into one particular area. But I think hosting comes the most natural because you've just got to be yourself and I've been me all my life and I like talking to people so if I had to choose with a gun to my head, I'd probably say host." Watch more of Mario on Extra

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