According to the New York Daily News, accused murderer and one-time 'Ugly Betty' actor Michael Brea has confessed to killing his mother with a Freemason sword, saying it was the "work of God."

"I didn't kill her. I killed the demon inside her," Brea said in a disturbing hour-long interview with the Daily News in the prison ward at Bellevue Hospital, where his psychiatric health is being evaluated. He confronted his mother, Yannick, 55, late Monday night in her Brooklyn apartment. She died early Tuesday from her injuries.

Brea claims that he started hearing voices, including that of God, instructing him to kill his mother.

"She had the voice of the demon," Brea said. "I asked, 'Do you believe in God?' She said, 'No, Michael, no,' and began screaming. I began slashing her like this," he said, making violent hacking motions with his right hand.

He added: "I didn't want to kill her right away. I wanted to give her time to get right with God," he said.

Brea says he even felt partially superhuman, like he was in a movie. "I felt like Neo from 'The Matrix,' he said. "I began hearing voices and feeling powerful. They were asking about the difference between mom and mother. It was a sign."