Thanksgiving has passed and it's official -- the Christmas season has begun! If your list of favorite holiday movies includes the really dark comedy 'Bad Santa,' then the prospect of a sequel will fill you with red and green glee.

Billy Bob Thornton -- who played the reckless, filthy mall Santa in the 2003 movie (produced by the Coen brothers, and co-starring Lauren Graham and Bernie Mac) -- is teasing fans with the promise of more Willie Stokes.

Thornton's been on a bit of a Hollywood hiatus while touring as a musician, but according to a recent interview he gave to Collider, he considers his character study of an alcoholic Christmas curmudgeon right up there with other beloved, iconic holiday films.

"'Bad Santa' [has] become like a classic Christmas movie...'It's a Wonderful Life' and 'Miracle on 34th Street' and 'Bad Santa' now is sort of the box set. And there's been talk of making a sequel to it, which I actually would like to do. I've never done a sequel to one of my movies, but that one makes sense to me to do."