Many families went right into Turkey Day weekend still talking about the 'Dancing with the Stars' voting controversy that led dismal scorer Bristol Palin into the finals to compete with eventual champ Jennifer Grey. But it wasn't the only travesty gobbling up the airwaves in a year full of televised bummers. Here's hoping your Thanksgiving featured more good times and good taste than these other big TV turkeys of 2010.

'The Jay Leno Show'
Gone. And forgotten.

Jay Leno Returns as 'Tonight Show' Host
But, according to those ratings, still apparently forgotten.

Ellen as 'American Idol' Judge
No one's really at fault ... Ellen DeGeneres is among the most likable celebs in Hollywood, she's a big 'American Idol' fan and hiring her to fill the seat vacated by Paula Abdul seemed like potentially great idea. But one thing about Ellen that 'Idol' producers forgot to consider: She's also nice. Too nice, it turned out, to give negative feedback or even constructive criticism, which made her an ineffective, awkward -- and worst of all, boring -- 'Idol' judge.

J.Lo and Steven Tyler as New 'AI' Judges

It isn't that Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler have failed as judges...we don't know how they'll do. It was the terrible handling of their hiring; producers allowed rumors to swirl, with more than a dozen names -- Chris Isaak! Rick Springfield! Justin Timberlake! Katy Perry! Lady Gaga! etc. -- bandied about as possible judges. The constant speculation gave time for fans to discuss and dismiss every potential hire as an unworthy Simon Cowell replacement, and make the whole new-judges topic so tiresome that, to paraphrase Phil Collins (another rumored contender): We just don't care anymore.

NBC Cancels 'Law & Order'
Just when the show had but one season left to break the 'Gunsmoke' record for longest-airing primetime series, NBC axed 'L&O' in May. The beloved crime procedural has even spun-off four U.S. series -- three still on the air with new episodes. The network couldn't give the original series a record-breaking victory lap?

'Saturday Night Live' Wiigs Out

'SNL' star Kristen Wiig has her devotees, and she occasionally brings some funny into the mix; her Target Lady is a gem. But the show has given her more and more spotlight, which means less screen time for underutilized co-stars like Kenan Thompson. Even worse, most Wiig characters are the same. Gilly, Penelope, Aunt Linda...all versions of a character whose main purpose is to annoy.

What other broadcasts were TV turkeys?