Do They Know It's Christmas Time Video
Most of us have mixed feelings toward deathless charity anthem 'Do They Know It's Christmas?' -- on one hand, it has raised millions for good causes and become something of a yuletide institution, on the other, it features groan-worthy lyrics like "There won't be snow in Africa" and Bono's anguished yelp of "Tonight, thank God it's them, instead of you." But spare a thought for Bob Geldof. He, after all, has to live with having written it.

"I am responsible for two of the worst songs in history," the one-time Boomtown Rats singer told the Daily Mail recently. "One is 'Do They Know it's Christmas?' and the other one is 'We Are the World.'" The latter tune came out a few months after Band Aid's 1984 No. 1 and was directly inspired by the Geldof and Midge Ure-penned hit, using the same multi-artist charity singalong format but led by American stars like Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie.

"Any day soon, I will go to the supermarket, head to the meat counter and it will be playing," says Gandolf. "Every F-----g Christmas."

"But Say a Prayer, Pray for the Other Ones"