On Tuesday afternoon, the usually publicity shy Tiger Woods opened up to fans about golfing, his favorite movie and his divorce--all on Twitter.

The famously private golfer kicked off a marathon Twitter session by posting his first-ever TwitPic before taking questions from his followers. He became active on the micro-blogging service just two weeks ago.

Woods, who has kept a pretty low profile the past several months, answered nearly two dozen questions from his 279,000 followers.

Some tidbits we learned from the golfer include:
- He wants Stanford to play TCU in the National Championship game. "It could happen..." he said.
- He indulges in peanut and banana sandwiches during golf rounds. He also munches on almonds.
- His 2011 goals on the PGA tour: "As Al Davis said, 'Just win baby,'" he said.
- His favorite golf course is St. Andrews in Scotland.
- He can barely grow a goatee.
- If he couldn't play golf, he'd play basketball.
- His absolute favorite movie is 'Caddyshack.'