Celebs Loves Jennifer Aniston, So Why Doesn't America?Notoriously acerbic comedienne Chelsea Handler went on vacation in Mexico with buddy Jennifer Aniston over Thanksgiving and, despite her famously sharp tongue, had nothing but nice things to say about the actress. Handler, who appeared on last night's episode of 'The Tonight Show,' told host Jay Leno of their trip, "[Jennifer] was sweet enough to take me on vacation with her ... I was trying not to get photographed next to her, for obvious reasons."

Handler isn't the only celebrity to praise Aniston in the press. 'The Bounty Hunter' co-star and rumored flame Gerard Butler told Us Magazine of the actress, "She's like my best buddy. She's so down-to-earth, so easy going. She's incredibly self-deprecating and again, just alive!"

While it seems that Aniston has some Hollywood heavyweights in her corner, she can't seem to shake the negative press she earned for her most famous role: the former Mrs. Brad Pitt. Although it's been over five years since Aniston and Pitt divorced, rarely a week goes by without the actress's rumored romantic entanglements appearing in the press, often painting a less-than-flattering portrait of Aniston as some kind of down-and-out spinster.