Love can make you crazy. So maybe that's why actor Randy Quaid seems to have gone completely and utterly mad.

He and wife Evi fancy themselves being hunted by a gang of murderous celebrity stalkers they call the "Star Whackers" -- whom they blame for the deaths of everyone from Heath Ledger to Michael Jackson. They swear that they're fairly high up on the hit list, and that the killers are shrewd enough to make the murders look like accidents or suicides. As a result, they're on the run. In Canada, no less, where they're seeking asylum after arrests for fraud and felony vandalism in the United States. They even claim to have caught the "Whackers" in the act of practicing to kill them. Evi says their deaths will be made to look like a double suicide.

"We're this close to solving our own murder," she tells Esquire. "It's the only way I'll be able to keep Randy alive."

Mental health experts say the couple may be suffering from a psychological condition known as "folie a deux" -- a French term meaning literally "the madness of two." The syndrome is a delusional state shared by two people who bolster each other's twisted take on the world.