'Animal Kingdom' Star Jacki Weaver Hopes She Never Meets Someone Like Her Character
If you haven't seen 'Animal Kingdom,' make it a priority this Oscar season -- Jacki Weaver's name is more than likely to pop up among the nominees.

In the film, Weaver plays Janine 'Smurf' Cody, the matriarch of an Australian crime family who is not as sweet as she looks or sounds. PopEater chatted with the 63-year-old Aussie star, recently named Best Supporting Actress by the National Board of Review, about the role and how she inhabited such an awful character.

"If you are playing bad people, you mustn't make outside judgments of them, otherwise it's going to be too hard to get into their skin. You've got to just concentrate on working out what motivates them rather than making a moral judgment," Weaver tells us. "But then afterward when you let go of it and you watch it up there on the screen, I think she's just despicable. I can't stand her. She's horrible. I hope I never meet someone like that." Read our full chat after the jump!