Hollywood types don't care about art, do they? And if they do, they certainly shouldn't talk about it in public. Because we don't care that stars care about art. Especially if we're patrons -- or employees -- of New York City's 92nd Street Y and the star in question is Steve Martin.

This week at the Y, Martin dared to discuss boring things like artists and paintings with a New York Times Magazine writer who has an interest in such subjects, Deborah Solomon. Both found themselves chastised by the venue's staff, who halfway through their interview asked them to talk less about art (i.e. the subject of Martin's new novel 'An Object of Beauty') and more about his career (i.e. what it's like to host the Oscars with Alec Baldwin). Team Y said they were already getting complaints. The next day, they apologized to those in attendance with a note and a refund.