Every Star Ever Sings 'Let It Be' For Odd Norweigan AdKnow what Dee Snider, Jason Alexander, Carlton from 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,' Tonya Harding and the guy who played the young, braces-on-his-legs Forrest Gump have in common?

For the last infinity years of history, nothing. As of today, a crazy Norweigan video promo for the show 'Gylne Tider' (Golden Times) of equal parts singing/lip syncing 'Let It Be,' spotted by the wizards at Videogum.

It would be criminal to give away any more of the dozens upon dozens of celebrities who appear, but we'll let you know they're all singing on something that looks like a glorious screensaver of Coney Island. It's also about two minutes longer than the Beatles' version, for good reason.

Vulture dubbed it "fantastically random." We're culturally obliged to take it one step forward and classify this video as history's most arbitrary and comprehensive collection of celebrities. It is a thing of beauty. Delay no further -- see it now: