Michael BayMichael Bay is not known for making subtle art films. Quite the contrary, he is famous for making expensive, over-the-top, mass destruction summer blockbusters like 'Armageddon' and 'Transformers.'

So, while it may seem odd that one of the highest paid directors in Hollywood has made a commercial, this one actually makes a lot of sense. Indeed, Bay's fast, often-chaotic style feels perfectly at home in a 30 second television ad -- where the only goal is to get in quickly, get out quickly and leave a lasting impression.

Bay shot this year's Victoria's Secret holiday commercial, even though he has been working near non-stop for the last decade. And his signature is all over the ad.

Slow motion? Check. A camera that never stops moving? Check. The fetishizing of various motor vehicles and aircraft? Check. Scantily-clad women in erotic but uncomfortable-looking positions? Very much check. Explosions (even though this is a Victoria's Secret commercial). Check.

Yep, that definitely sounds like a Michael Bay product. Check out the potentially NSFW ad after the jump.