Steppin' Out Editor Tells Rachel Uchitel 'I Wish it Was You That Died in 9/11'Rachel Uchitel has made a name for herself in the press as Tiger Woods' alleged mistress, but even more scandalous than her personal life are the verbal attacks being launched at her from a number of media sources, including magazine editor Chaunce Hayden. Hayden, editor of Steppin' Out magazine, lashed out against the 'Celebrity Rehab' participant on her voicemail, telling her, among other insults, that she looks like a "drowned rat" and even insinuating that Uchitel only pretended to have lost her fiance in the 9/11 attacks.

In his diatribe, Hayden tells Uchitel, "I think what you did is one of the most evil, disgusting things anyone has ever done. I don't even consider you a human being," and describes the nightclub manager as being "on the lower end of the whore chain." Hayden even wished death upon her, saying, "I hope that you die in a terrible car accident. I would be thrilled to hear those reports."

Uchitel told RadarOnline that Hayden's hate-filled tirade came about as the result of a disagreement between the two following a Steppin' Out photo shoot in which Uchitel participated. As Uchitel told PopEater earlier this week, she has been receiving hate mail and threats for some time now. Uchitel described to PopEater an email she received the day of our interview, which read, "If your husband didn't die in 9/11 I'm sure he would have killed himself like your junkie Dad."