Andy Samberg, as stuck-in-the-'90s rhymer Blizzard Man, is an incredibly bad rapper -- and not bad meaning good, but criminally bad. Sample lyric? "We wear novelty chains of enormous size!"

A music superstar who doesn't seem to notice is Diddy, who popped up in a sketch on last night's 'Saturday Night Live,' somehow believing Blizz is just the hitmaker to rescue his latest album in the works.

And when Blizz's bootylicious mom (host Robert De Niro) crashes the recording session to tout her son's talent? Well, the production team is fascinated, and possibly appalled, by the sexual chemistry that ensues. Have a look at the absurdity for yourself in this clip. DeNiro's not so smooth with his all-over-the-map dialect, but his commitment to the silly scene -- not to mention Samberg's -- makes it nearly impossible to look away.