We'd never heard of the Norwegian TV series 'Gylne Tider' ('Golden Times') before, either, but after you hum along to this promo clip for the series' fourth season, you won't soon forget the most random pileup of lip-synching celebs to go viral online.

Step right up, folks, because it all amounts to a freak show of famous faces. And we mean that in a good way! Among the dozens rocking out to "Let it Be," enjoy the air-guitar stylings of Philip Michael Thomas (Tubbs on 'Miami Vice') and Olympic skater Katarina Witt, as well as appearances by Roger Moore, Peter Falk, Kathleen Turner, Jason Alexander, George Wendt, Ricki Lake, Huey Lewis, Judd Nelson, Sherilyn Fenn, Alfonso Ribiero, Dolph Lundgren, Josie Bisset, Corbin Bernsen, Steve Guttenberg, Ana Alicia, Malcolm Jamal Warner, David Faustino, Kelly McGillis, Dee Snider, Rick Schroder....oh, and Tonya Harding!

The award-winning series is about three guys taking trips to seek out childhood heroes. See any of yours in the mix? Check out the 'Gylne Tider' lipdub (using a 1987 rendition of 'Let it Be' recorded as a fundraiser by Paul McCartney and a slew of famous Brits) here: