Do you hear what we hear? That's the sound of millions of loyal Howard Stern fans saying: Just tell us where to find him in the new year, already!

The shock jock has been in negotiations for a new contract with Sirius XM Radio (his multi-year, $500 million deal expires at year's end), but there still isn't news from the company about renewing the partnership. The silence on a new contract means the network is missing the chance to snap up new subscriptions this holiday season, and many believe it's a surefire signal that Sirius is seriously in trouble, i.e., about to lose their biggest star.

In the meantime, a rumor that Apple could snag the self-proclaimed "King of All Media" in a new $600 million deal has suddenly gained major traction.

But would a raunchy radio star like Stern, famous for his NSFW banter and porn star interviews, be a successful fit within Steve Jobs' clean, conservative corporation? On the iPad (which "Apple wants to keep family friendly," according to The, strict policies already govern how content is presented. How will things change at Apple with Stern on board?

And how many Sirius XM subscribers would jump ship to follow their hero -- currently heard four days a week on the satellite network -- over to a new format of iTunes streams?