Chanukah Hanukah Hanukkah Video Candlelight
UK vocalist Taio Cruz, he of the ubiquitous radio and gym staple 'Dynamite,' probably wasn't thinking of Chanukah when writing lyrics like, "I'm wearing all my favorite brands, brands, brands, brands." But it's 2010 -- the era of re-contextualization and instant notoriety -- and the Yeshiva Maccabeats, an a cappella group from the New York-based university, have flipped the dance-pop song into 'Candlelight,' a parody-cum-history lesson-cum-viral sensation celebrating the Festival of Lights.

Inspired by singer Mike Tompkins' popular a capella cover of 'Dynamite' -- 3.1 million YouTube views as of today -- the 14-man group released their version last week and immediately became the subject of countless e-mail forwards, helping to bridge the gap between UK pop-loving teenagers and all of the Jewish parents reminding their children that the Jewish holiday came early this year.

"I Throw My Latkes in the Air Sometimes, Saying Ay-O Spin the Dreidel"