Would you be at all amazed if we told you Danny Bonaduce was the recipient of a surprise wedding late last month? No? We've come to expect the unexpected of the 'Partridge Family' badboy, who was enjoying a Hawaiian vacation with girlfriend Amy Railsback on Nov. 22 when he got a phone call.

"The wedding planner from the hotel called to speak with Amy and told me I was getting married!" Bonaduce tells PEOPLE. "I said, 'Honey you got something to tell me?' Then I thought about it, and said, 'This is a great idea!'"

Truth is, Bonaduce and Railsback, who is the actor's manager, have been engaged for three years, but the actor had been slacking in the put-a-ring-on-it department. He promised to marry her anytime, granted that she do all the paperwork and arrangements.

So when they made plans for a vacation in Maui, Railsback sprung into action and planned an unconventional surprise party.